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A lot of brothers here.

Joined the Navy in 1964 the day before receiving my draft notice. Between June 1965 and September 1968 did three West Pack tours aboard the USS Kennebec AO-36 running up and down the Vietnam coastline replenishing other ships and gun boats with fuel, cargo, and ammunition. I started shooting archery on a consistent basis after being discharged from active duty in late 1968. I am now 70 years old and still shooting. In fact I recently ordered another bow, like I really needed one. May be the last bow I may ever order, but then again maybe not.   :)

Texoma Felton:
Thank you Terry.

Like so many in mid 60's was drafted. Basic at Ft Polk La. During orientation an officer ask me what I did in civilian life. I told him I was 3rd gen in refergeration, and he ask me if I would like to be in ref and air conditioning during my stay with Uncle, jumped on it beats carying a rifle.
Orders after basic for Airborn Electronics and Special Warfare board. Fort Bragg N C. Small attached unit tested military equipment,everything from night scopes to C 141 first pure jet troupe transport.we tested it and officers wrote manuels before Army approved purchase. 126 unlisted men 86 officers. Spent remainder of active duty there missed Nan but tested a lot of equipment that went there.

Hot Hap:

Lets see,  senior in High school and got into some trouble.  My parents didn't deserve the aggravation, they raised me better, so I enlisted.  12 days outa graduation I'm in Basic.  Served at Eglin AFB, DaNang Air Base (71-72), Takhli RTAFB Thailand, and Kinchloe AFB, on the UP.    As Sgt. King says, "Every day is gravy"


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