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Terry Green:
Rules in short....

Per hunt entry:

Post your photo or photos. You may email us for a Trad Gang address for guaranteed viewing within the post...or you can post the address as is, but you can't be guaranteed the pic will be there year after year since we have no control over other websites.

List of Date, species, location, and equipment in the original post would be nice.

Replies and discussion welcome. If your highlight post has a longer than normal story....might want to put the story on the Articles/Stories forum, and a pic and summary here with a link to the Articles/Stories forum, or post it on the PowWow.

The year 2014 entries only.

Best of luck to you guys this season. I for one will look forward to each and every Highlight.

james hoffman:
Just returned from a hunt with irv and jim at true south adventures.after 3 days of hard hunting finally was able to pattern a bird, who gobbled exactly once and left his hens ten minutes before fly up time.was able to entice him to my decoys and put what looked to be a good shot on him at about 5 yards. A thorough search and no bird. Hard to accept but they all can't be Disney endings.the sight of that 3-4 year old gobbler strutting for his five hens and then intimidating my jake at 3 yards, priceless. Ps I also shot at a bobcat stalking my decoys that same morning. I want a rematch!


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