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2008 - What a year!

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Tom Baxter:
Have had a blinder of a year with some good game taken.  Below are some of my personal highlights for the year.
Only way to better 2008 will be a bigger boar, bull buff, fallow buck or maybe a red or sambar stag.  It is going to be hectic but roll on 2009!

Bow used was a Black Widow PSA III 61lb @ 28".
Goldtip 75/95 and Carbon Xpress 350 shafts.
Magnus 2 blades, SS Snuffers, Montecs, and Grizzly 190 were the broadheads used.

Called in this fox to under ten metres before a ss snuffer brought him undone.

A nice fallow doe taken for skin and meat. Taken on the same day as the fox.

Couple of reasonable feral goats.


Nice solid boar taken while he slept in the Northern Territory.

Scrub bull. One arrow kill and a pass through.

Buffalo cow and another one arrow kill.

Looks like you had a banner year!!! congrats!!  :notworthy:    :campfire:

Very nice trophies there, Tom!  
I can't wait to get over to Aus and chase some of them around! I'll be over there in September!  ;)  Thanks for sharing mate!  :thumbsup:

Ray Hammond:
Wow, Tom. How about a story on the scrub bull and the buffalo, friend?

Congratulations!  I really need to get back to Oz!


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