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Ron Vought:
My response to Crossgun use in PA on another forum. The crossgun crowd was using their typical response to bashing them and that we are all hunters. Maybe harsh to some but to the point and needed to be said. Below is my response....

No its not an embarrassment to bash each other especially when a weapon like the crossgun and technology advancements can have a negative impact on our archery season. See the problem here is that everyone wants their cake and eat it too. Problem is you can't manage a herd and have advancements in technology driving the harvest allocations over their capacity. At some point something has to give. We live in a society where some want instantaneous success. I call them opportunists. I just question why people shoot a crossgun. Nine times out of ten it is because they want instantaneous success without putting any time into practice or learning woodsman skills. When your equipment could have a negative impact on our seasons we are not "ALL HUNTERS". We have to draw the line somewhere and I feel its through equipment restrictions and the removal of the crossgun during archery season. Probably too late because most bow hunters wanted their cake and it too. The thirst for instantaneous success and technology enhancements overshadowed the inclusion of the crossgun.

I really enjoy watching these posts and see the sugar coating that is going on with the use of the crossgun. Folks its shoulder held, locked, cocked and scoped. Very effective weapon!! No one that shoots a crossgun is talking about its advanced capability and negative impact it can have on our bow season here in PA....because most are opportunists.

It's funny because many years ago when talking about equipment restrictions we saw this coming. I am glad that the mods here left this thread stay because most other forums are removing these posts because they are licking the boots of the manufactures (i.e crossguns)


I feel as you do Ron.  If they include crossbows, They should just do away with all special seasons and just have "hunting season".

Not that I advocate that, but its the same darn thing.

Every cross bow owner I know, which is only 8, have not filled a bow tag in at least a year. ALL killed deer this year with their cross bows. coincidence??? probably not.

Ron Vought:
Charlie - I can honestly say that after some back and forth on another forum with guys that shoot crossguns I now understand them better. First of all they strive for instantaneous success. They always try to place their weapon in the same category as the compound bow in regards to proficiency and effectiveness. They actually convince themselves that there is some kind of challenge to using a crossgun. Normally looking for the longer shot with the aid of a scoped, locked, cocked and shoulder held weapon. The other one is that the weapon is legal so basically shut up and deal with it. They also throw out the bashing flag when I pinned them into a debate...of course we are all hunters and should except the crossgun with open arms. The big one that leaves me scratching my head is that they don't see the negative impact that their choice of weapon could have on the archery season. It's definitely a new breed of hunter that just doesn't care about how anyone feels or the negative impact they will have on our archery seasons. The sum it up they are opportunists looking for a short cut and disguise to gain entry into the archery season. I was also told that I show no respect for them because I call their weapon a CROSSGUN. I did agree in partial with with them that I have no respect for the CROSSGUN   :)  

The use of the crossgun in archery season I can guarantee will be no good for bow hunters.


I'm with you Ron. Crossbows are for people who want "instant gratification" and do not want to put forth the effort and time. It burns me when I come across crossbowers and they consider what they are doing is bowhunting. "NOT" even close. I remember my father running my oldest brother out the house when he brought a crossbow over to his house. He said get that contraption off his property!! Since legalizing crossbows in Delaware, we have found several bolts on my family's property that was obviously shot from the roadway. And last year my one brother shot a gimpy doe that had a bolt buried in her hip. I have no use for them or want them in the woods. But if one should have a legit medical issue, then by all means, use one. These crossbows will have a long range negative effect on our deer herds as well as our bowhunting season in the years to come. That's my 2 cents

I agree with you Ron 100%

They cannot see the negative impacts of Crossbow use because they are so focused on Wanting to use One, they are not thinking about negatives, merely building a wall when they hear opposition.

That's quite normal in today's selfish instant gratification society.

I met a guy at a DNR check station last fall who came in bragging he shot the biggest deer anyone has ever seen in the county. The lasy said he was lying because he was only in her shop an hour before buying his license and bragging he bought the best cross bow on the market.  

Bought crossgun at 3 pm
bought license at 3:45 pm
Shot deer at 4:20 pm.

Then the kind of guy he was showed through when he was bashing the deer. (mix in all sorts of cuss words) he didn't care about the meat, the coyotes can have it and he was going back for the antlers in the morning.


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