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Petition against Helicopter Hunting in New Zealand

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Ray Hammond:
I don't think that's the issue, Bryan...I think its more the flying into the mountains, spotting chamois, tahr, etc, then setting down and a "hunter" shooting the game...the only thing they could do to make it more obscene is to actually shoot FROM the helicopter.

Brian Krebs:
Well - we can be glad they don't do that Ray - there would be endless threads on which broadhead is best from a helicopter...    :D

they allowed oklahomans to hunt and shoot from a heli in oklahoma for hogs. didn't really help reduce the hog population b/c the average hunter aint got a heli setting in there back yard to go out and shoot them.

Signed.. That is not hunting, but a way for people to feel cool and shoot stuff..

Nothing Piano wire can't fix.


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