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Management Advantage sponsor responses, please post them to this thread.

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From Do-All Traps

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
Molly Simmons ([email protected]) on Monday, July 10, 2006 at 11:15:51

location: Nashville, TN

message: I am very displeased with the philosophy, proposed format, and goals of Worldhunt. This is a travesty created without thought for the serious damage it will cause hunting. I am a longtime bowhunter, and I've never seen anything more abominable or frightening in its potential for harm, than this event. If you are part of the Worldhunt creation team, please reconsider what you are doing. If you are sponsoring Worldhunt, I will use every available resource at my disposal to prevent you from selling ANY product to anyone that I have influence over, and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Consider the potential for long term harm this project has to the sport that drives YOUR business!

Do-All Traps isn't even a sponsor of the Management Advantage show. These WHA types seem to like to play fast and loose with sponsor names.

So Do-All has been removed from the e-mail list and are on our side in this folks.

From Molly at Do-All Traps

we are not an official sponsor. We do not pay for the link. We do not
position our selves in the same line of thought as Chuck.

Dear Sir,


Thanks so much for caring enough about our sport to take the time to send an email. I appreciate and respect your concerns. We at Mossy Oak and BioLogic are very passionate about hunting and its traditions. Its our lifestyle. We have the utmost respect for Chuck Sykes and the Management Advantage television show. Chuck loves the sport as much as any of us. Its my understanding that Chuck is managing the wildlife on the property to be used and they couldn’t have a better guy. I know in my heart he wouldn’t align himself or support anything that would harm our sport.


I don’t know many details, but I understand more info is coming on what the WHA is doing. I trust Chuck and I am willing to wait and see and keep an open mind. I’d like for us all to keep an open mind and see what this is all about before we make rash emotional decisions. At some point in life and business…you have to trust others….and I trust Chuck.


Thanks for your past support and I hope you will be willing to wait and see.


Bobby Cole


Yes we agree with your position and we pulled our sponsorship with him last year. The fact that he still has a link on his site for our company is unsolicited by our company.  If you would, please take the time to view those companies that we do sponsor:   You will notice that neither Chuck Sykes nor The Management Advantage are listed.

We appreciate the time you are taking towards this subject matter.


Shane P. Leanna

President & Chief Manager

Do-All Outdoors


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