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Louisiana Governor Signs Pro-Hunting Bills


Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco has signed two bills that will help ensure the future of hunting in the state.


Gov. Blanco signed SB 329, a measure to stimulate hunter recruitment, on June 22.  The bill, sponsored by Sen. Joe McPherson, D-Woodworth, will allow the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to create a special hunting license that will permit people 17 years and over to hunt for 30 days prior to completing hunter education, as long as they are accompanied in the field by a licensed hunter.  The new law takes immediate effect.


On May 16, SB 329 unanimously passed the Senate, 38-0.  The House of Representatives approved the “try before you buy” measure by a vote of 98-0 on June 12.

Such hunter recruitment efforts are very important.  According to the Youth Hunting Report, a national study on hunter retention conducted by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, National Wild Turkey Federation and National Shooting Sports Foundation, Louisiana replaces only 42 hunters for every 100 that leave the sport.  Senate Bill 329 is a step toward revitalizing sportsmen’s numbers, and the USSA supports the concept.


Gov. Blanco has also signed legislation to protect hunting on state land.


Senate Bill 30, a bill that will guarantee no net loss of hunting opportunities on state hunting and fishing areas, was signed on June 23. Under the new law, the state will be required to open compensatory hunting land if an area is closed to the sport.


The bill, also sponsored by Sen. McPherson, passed the Senate on April 25 by a vote of 37 to 0.  The House of Representatives approved the bill with amendments on June 15 by a vote of 97-0. The Senate accepted the changes.

Anyone who hunts Louisiana should send Governor Blanco a thank-you!

It's real nice when the politicians stand up for us and do what's right for hunting!

Thanks for the info. Vermonster.I was not aware of these Bills,I will send a thank you.--Bone

Anybody know of any changes in Miss? were pro hunting for the most part but just wondering if any changes have been made for this upcoming year.

On 6/26/06 the MS governor signed a No Net Loss Law for hunting lands.

But you also had the Bill that would have made Hunting and Fishing Constitutional Rights die in house committee.


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