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"I believe the World Hunting Association is God's vision." Farbman Interview!

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This is the arrogance we are fighting! See what else David Farbman had to say in the link below!

He is just in some serious Denial. Maybe the Lord will give him a wake up call...

Fritz Brown:
Well, I'm convinced now.  I erroneously thought that this was a bad idea.  Heck, I even mistakenly sent out e-mails in support of the effort to shut it down.  You can only imagine my shame now that I know that this is "God's vision" for the future of hunting.  I think I need to go hang my head  and admit the error of my ways.  Anyone got some of the old drug pods from the 70's laying around that I can put on my arrows so that I can get a little closer to "God's vision" in my hunting?

What a yutz!

His mind is gone.

I posted this so guys would realize the depths of what we are fighting here. This fight is far from over. We need to continue to make the effort needed to stop this and we need to realize that the WHA isn't going to just go away. The Stop Worldhunt Now link contains a new e-mail to the Management Advatage  sponsors that we need everyone to send out. We can't have a biologist stating that this is a viable method of hunting or that it is hunting at all.


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