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Worst Idea Ever...HUNTING ALERT!!! READ & EMAIL!

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Don Thomas:
There's a serious new threat to hunting on the horizon, and as usual it has nothing to do with anti-hunters. Take a deep breath and check the website  This outfit's aim is to commercialize hunting into some  kind of NASCAR like event, with points, sponsors and big dollar prizes. When a friend first brought this to my attention, I thought it was a joke. It isn't. At our state bowhunter's Board meeting this weekend, we are already planning a response, likely involving a sign-on letter of protest to like minded organizations concerned about hunting's future and image. Meanwhile, get informed and bring it up with your state organizaton. Don

T. Downing:
Bravo Don! Thanks for the heads up. Checked out the website and I wondered if this was actually real. What a joke, competition amongst hunters is totally unacceptable! Well I guess it is time to become proactive about all this nonsense. God Bless,T

"The Future is Uncertain and Death Is Always Near".....Jim Morrison

 Times are changing.  :confused:      Thanks for the heads up on this matter!

Steve H.:
I saw a thread on it on the Stickbow earlier today.

Yeah, its worse than a drawlock, didn't think it was possible!

What a bunch of crap!
Anyway for someone to make money.


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