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Us New Englanders better get our bunny hunts in soon

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There are groups trying to get the New England Cottontail listed as endangered. Here are some articles about the Cottontail.

Shawn count me in at the bunny hunt this winter!

that sucks. So if it gets listed there will be no rabbit hunting because we can't tell the difference between the sub-species? I seem to remember a subspecies of Canada goose that they did this with a while back.

Wait! I know...maybe the boys from WHA can "hunt" rabbits instead of deer! It would bring so many "hunters" in to help with the plite of the rabbit that in no time they would be running all over again. (sorry, couldn't resist)  :)

How on earth do rabbits become endangered?   :eek:

One eye:
What a joke!  Sounds like it's time for a predator reduction plan in New England.  Mark my words fellas, brick by brick!


You can come out here to Kansas and hunt them any time you want,no "season" for rabbits,hunt'em all year long.


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