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HH bug got me ... Part One!

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Im ordering a new Wesley special today 66" 58@28 Now im going to have to tell the wife.                    :knothead:                


Below is a link to the stand-alone web version of this entire part one topic.

It is a HUGE file that contains THOUSANDS of images!  This file resides on Trad Gang but it is NOT part of the Trad Gang FORUM.  It's totally separate and private.

***BE AWARE!*** Even with fast broadband Internet access, and a fast computer, it will take MINUTES for the file to load, it's THAT LARGE!

Once the page FULLY loads, use your BROWSER to search the entire page for keywords.  If you view the page with FireFox, click on the menu item "Edit" and then "Find" and a search dialogue will pop up on the bottom of your screen. It's very similar when using Windows Explorer.

 View HHBUG1 as a stand-alone web page


Ben: HH bug bit me also.Have a new Redman 68",53#@28.Can't stop shooting it.Have'nt touched my other bows.Wondering too about a wesley special in the future. good luck.my spouse does'nt know about the Redman .....YET   :rolleyes:

:laughing:     :laughing:

Sorry fellas, I just had to laugh! Jason told me yesterday my new Tembo was finished and to look for it early next week. This will give me an all Howard Hill line up with the exception of my Maddog recurve.

Its been a while coming but, "I've Gone to the Hills!"   :thumbsup:

It bit me too. Got a Wesley about a month ago and see a Big 5 in my near future. Just a little heavier than 56@28. I have started making POC arrows again like crazy. I shoot during the day and even again at night in the basement. Every day!!!


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