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Osage wood borers (Update: There's a Bow under them holes! NEW PICS!)

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    very, very sorry man!!! as i am a novice with staves i had no clue what to look for as far as damage and bugs! i feel terrible about this!!

I just started on a sassafras stave that I've had for years and it had the same kind of holes. They stayed in two bands at each end of the stave but when I took of the sapwood it was clear.

Can you make a self-bow out of sassafras?

Man i hope so... I've got plenty of that on the farm, how good is it? Will it hold up? I don't know how to make one yet out of anything but a apple tree limb, but i'm goina find out how to do this and do it till i get it right...

I'm goina hop over and look at that thread for a min on how to... I hope the bugs didn't ruin your stave...  :archer:

The extra work paid off and there was a bow under them borer holes.

Here is the profile before handle shaping


Profile is all natural and I am tillering it that way


First brace


Out for a little shoot'n for the first time


Profile to show the set after tillering and shooting a dozen or so times.


Got to add a few things yet,,, not quite finished.

I'll up date it again with some specs soon.... If antone is interested?

Could not get a pic at full draw, but I will later. Need someone at home to take the pic.

It looks great!! I really like the arrows also..
I would like the specs and full draw pic.

That one limb calmed down a bit, which limb is that on the bow? upper or lower?


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