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aerial disc thrower

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I have just finished drawing my disc thrower and havee put in a word doc.  If you want me to email this to ya just send me an email with aerial in the subject line.  depending on how you set it up it will throw 10' to about 30' high just move the bungee or souble it up  ( MORE POWER!! )
Tim  :thumbsup:

Awesome Tim! Email sent!  :bigsmyl:

So somebody build one of these and post a    I am trying to figure out exactly how it works and goes together....probably me and being from Iowa  :)


build the legs first then build the plywood pieces drill the holes where indicated.  put the two pieces of plywood side by side and the legs go in the middle.  the trigger mech is a little complicated but doable just make the pieces and it will fall together. I promise.  I put a piece of hose on the front of the leg to help hold the disc on.

Jason Kendall:
Thanks Tim, I will give it a shot. J Kendall


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