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Gonna try River cane arra's!

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Alright, I just got my shippment of a few dozen river cane...never even seen the stuff before, but figured I gotta try building me an arra or two.

Ferret's web page has sorta got me jazzed on the subject.

that and I am starting to get busier and busier with work, the baby seems to want to stay awake a little longer with the longer days...Long story short, I aint getting much done on the building front lately. I figured if I posted a "stumble along build" maybe I would have to stick it out and get SOMETHING done at least!

plan is to start with 4 cane, if I end up with 3 arrows out of it, that would be good.

This and one small bow are all I have planned for the summer.

here is a shot of the stuff Murray Gaskins sent me...

  pisture of the first look and sort.  

here is the stack after it has been roughly matched and stacked again for drying.

  the four on top will be the first ones I try.  

These ones are still a little green, is that ok?

I am not waiting until I have everything, I am just going to make it up as I go along. I got goose feathers I think...will have to check to see if I have any turkey. got sinew, only one point. I might bash out some trade points if I get inspired!

Any pointers from you 'cane artists are welcome!

For some reason, this stuff dont grow around here LOL!!!

I will try and do something on the project tommorrow, time permitting.

Calvin,Ferrets page will get ya through everything ok.

The cane looks dry to me!Looks like pretty good straight stuff!  :saywhat:  

Just wondering if you had a heat gun?They come in pretty handy for straightning. Good luck.

Nice little piggys!   :D

Rick Boyer:
looks good to me.. I have made arrows from it green and dried they both work fine.. It will look green and be dry!! it only takes a few days to get them completly dry after you cut them.. If you put them in a hot car or a drying box..

 good luck on them..gator

Timo's right! Cute toes!

I'll be a-watchin' this too, as I am making my first cane arrows... very slowly!


Douglas DuRant:
The first thing I do is to straigten them with heat. I use a propane torch. I move the area of cane i want to straigten back and fourth in front of the flame, when the surface of the cane starts to look shiney or wet it will be very pliable, and thats when I take it away from the heat and straighten, I let it cool then repeat at the next spot that needs work. You will be surpised at just how pliable the cane becomes when shiney. Just try not to scorch it.


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