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building a great traditional shoot/rendezvous

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joel smith:
Okay everyone, let's say we are going to build the perfect trad shoot/rendezvous. What would you be sure and do to ensure it would be fun for all and what would you want to avoid ? List your pet ideas and pet peeves. I mean things like type of terrain, classes and equipment rules for each, even down to the toilet facilities (which one person told me was the reason few ladies attend at Robin Hood).

Joel . great question , I will have to give this some thought....But JUNE 7 & 8th there going to be dang good shoot in Baton Rouge and the reason is our club members . You need to have growth locally Last year we had maybe 50 or 60 members , we have 158 now a present..and we all pitch in and get it  done ...but on the scale ur talking , you would have to run ads, and with everyone of us on this site doing something it could be great. All of yall that come to THE REAL THING..JUNE 7 & 8th we can discuss this idea. Oh yeah we need have special thanks to sponsors , they make it all possible. Mark

The best traditional shoot I have ever been to is the Hawkey Bowman in Alden, NY.  This year it is August 15th, 16th and 17th.  I am not a member of the club so this is a non-biased opinion.

Here is what I think makes it great:

1. They people who run the shoot understand they are competeing for your traditional dollar and they treat the people who come like customers not like they are doing you a favor by putting on a shoot.

2. The courses are extreamly creative. They have moving targets, tree stand shots, blind shots, up hill, down hill, and level. Many of the setups have multiple targets to add to the realisim.  Some targets (elk, turkey and pig) even have sound.

To give you an example of the attention to detail on the kids course (sticky critters) they took the time to mound dirt around the base of the ground squirrel targets to make them look like they were in a hole.

3. One price for as much shooting as you want. Multiple courses so you have a variety of courses.

4.  Kids shoot free This demonstrates to the adults your clubs commitment to the future.

5. One other thing to mention keep the potties clean.  My wife likes to shoot too and it is hard enough to get her to use a porta john let alone a dirty or full one (i.e. Denton Hill)

I guess to sum it up for me. Treat me like a customer and guest and keep the shooting creative.

Hope that helps.

meathook , good post...You need to make it down south , most of the ones we go to down here are just as you describe isnt that great!! Mark

Jason R. Wesbrock:
Honestly, I don't think I could do better than the CTB Rendezvous. Lots of vendors, camping, seminars, four courses ranging from short to long, good food, air conditioned restroom facilities, and GREAT novelties.

I shrugged at the thought of a noncompetitive shoot, until I went to Berrien Springs last year. Now, if I could only go to one shoot a year, it'd be that one.


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