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no need to hold!! snapshoot away!

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i have been struggling with instinctive shooting. when i snapshoot, i shoot really great, but i have convinced myself that "one day"  ill have to draw and hoooooold for the shot of a lifetime at some trophy.  whne i hold, it breaks the rythem of the shot for me and i just dont shoot well.  its not target panic, but a break in my concentration.  well anyway, i just got fred asbells instinctive shooting video.  guess what. he snap shoots.  i also got rick welchs hunting video, and kill after kill, he never had to to hold to get the animal in the right position.  he just drew, settled in and shot.  probably 20 kills in the video and all of them were in the right position to shoot even before he drew.  so now im shooting better then ever knowing im doing it the right way, and wont have to hold at full draw.  what do you guys think?

The real key to consistant a consistant anchor point.

It really makes no differance how long you "hold" only that you hit your anchor point before releasing. What happens to alot of people who "snapshoot" is that they develope a "premature" release,and don't consistantly hit thier anchor point,usualy releasing before (sometimes WAY before) they hit thier anchor point. Just something to be aware of.....

If you're consistantly hitting your anchor point,and "snapshooting" seems to be working for you.....

Snapshoot AWAY!!!!!!!!!!   :thumbsup:

Yep, after watching bowhunters of trad gang, Terry helped me a lot with a double anchor. I strongly suggest you buy this video!!! By using this, I know when I'm at anchor and when I'm at anchor, I know my arrow is aimed and ready to go!

When athletes train for an event, break a record, they do what I call overtraining.  For instance, if the record long jump is 26 olympic long jumper will train in such a way so as to attemp to jump 27,28 feet or more.  He does this because it will prepare him for the heat of competition when a jump of 26 and 1/2 inch is more of a reality and will do the job.  He does not restrict his training to just 26 feet.

May I suggest that you do the same and condition your brain to hold at anchor for maybe 3 seconds or whatever.  Get to a point in your shooting where you can do this with ease and maintain accuracy.  By doing this you are preparing yourself for the "heat of battle" so to speak.  It will insure that you reach full draw, even if just for an instant, on a live animal thus producing the same shot you're used to in your backyard.

Hope that makes sense,


20 shots. 20 kills. Already in position for each and every shot. Hmmmmm. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with how the film was editted could it.


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