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Author Topic: Hex Pine shafts  (Read 2275 times)

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Re: Hex Pine shafts
« Reply #20 on: February 05, 2007, 02:23:00 PM »
not real happy with the hexpine now that I've shot a couple of tournaments with them, or at least tried too.  glanced one off the bottom of the chest of a deer target at TBOF a couple weeks ago, it broke clean in half.  yesterday at a club tournament I glanced one off the back of a hog target and it was cracked almost clear through.  can't recall ever seeing an arrow snap in half so easy, those weren't even side impacts.  I finished yesterdays shoot with one of my old chundoo arrows, it has glanced off targets and trees, been hit by other arrows, it's covered in dents and gouges, looks like a disaster but still shoots great.

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