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Not sure this is the place for this, but I couldn't find anywhere else that fits.

When I use the search feature and open one of the threads returned by the search, I cannot get back to the previous page.  I get a "page cannot be displayed" and have to re-enter the search criteria.  Am I doing something wrong or do I have a setting that needs to be changed?

Greg, long-time-no-see. I can't help you with your question though. Good to see you on the TG again.

Good to be back and good to hear from you as well Mark!  

I knew I posted this in the wrong forum, guess I'm blind.

Rob DiStefano:
i dunno what's happening.  

instead of left clicking on a search return link, right click and click on 'open in new window' - then after reviewing the resulting page, just close it and you'll be back to the search results page.

Hey Rob,

Along the same lines, when I do a (pow wow) search it may return several pages. Frequently I can only view one page and the rest say "no results found" or something like that when I click on them. Any idea how to correct that?


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