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I'm not getting private messages.


Since the site has changed it's color scheme I haven't had one PM get through. Although I still get the email notifying me of a private message on Trad Gang.

Anyhow, question there anything I can do on my part? or is this a web site related glitch?

I have the PM option checked in preferences. I've unchecked it and rechecked it hoping that would work but it hasnt. Anything else to try?

Maybe I should add that I get replies to my sent PM's without any problems...dunno if this info helps or not but there it is.


Rob DiStefano:
your problem with pm's has nothing to do with the recent style changes to trad gang.  the ubb pm system has always had issues, and usually a full system resync fixes 'em - i'll try to schedule a resync for early tomorrow morning.


Ah, I see. Thanks for your time.


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