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Dummy question, here.
I have a TG screensaver on my old PC. I bought anew Mac. Can I kidnap that screensaver and install it on the Mac? I can't find an album file or anything over in the old machine, and there are a lot of places where it might be hiding.

Rob, where is that pesky thing? I think it is hiding behind the refrigerator.

Killdeer   :confused:

Rob DiStefano:
sorry to jump back into this forum so late ...

OK, is there a trick? I am not running Fusion or Boot Camp.

If I could download the pics, then I could save them as an album and use that as the screensaver.
If not, thanks for trying, Rob.

Rob DiStefano:
umm, what's the problem?  not running with a microsoft os?  

once the 4.7meg file downloads, just click it and you will see the screensaver images and if you click the 'ok' button it was install if for ya as yer pc's screensaver of choice.

OK here's a different question--there is a picture of a bow leaning against a cactus--can you tell me who made it? Beautiful!


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