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Posting Pictures - A simple alternative

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I'm no computer whiz, which is why I'm so high on this link.  Very user friendly.

I'll try to help although the phrase the "blind leading the blind" comes to mind!   :help:  

JIM (2-Big) to resize your picture, open it on your computer using "Paint" (right click on the picture, then select "Open with" then select Paint) which is a standard program you'll find on any Windows version I know of.  When your picture is open with Paint, select top tool bar "Image" and then "Stretch/Skew" in the tool bar.  A box will open that will let you resize the pic.  Simply insert the percentages you want, instead of 100% put 35% in both boxes for example and your pictures will be much more manageable.  Then save your re-sized pic so you can upload it to the link above for forum use.

kurtbel5, you need to copy the forum link address and then paste it in the box opened on Trad Gang when you click the "Image" box on the fully reply form.  If you copied and pasted it straight onto your post it won't work.  When posting pics I always use the Preview Post box to make sure I got it right.

I'm no techie but I hope this helps.  Tim



Sonagun...if you just paste it into the post, you don't get the IMG stuff on either side...

I wonder how long they keep the link up.
Killdeer   :bigsmyl:


Sweet Thanks!!!


I'm a little slow, needed it twice      :D  

I think I have it now!!!    :smileystooges:  

The first picture I did in Paint. The second was already resized to the correct size in my pictures file.   :thumbsup:


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