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Be Careful on Photobucket Today + using Ubuntu Linux

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Pat B:
I was trying to post pics and kept getting the warning so I quit. How do you know if it is fixed?     Pat
I had that problem just a minute ago. We already have good antivirus software and it was trying to get us to buy some.

If that's the same one I was warned about even if you click on "NO" or "CANCEL" it launches and infects your PC anyway. Was instructed to power down the computer if that pops up.

I had one of those from another site and once it was in my computer the average anti-virus stuff wont fix it. has to be cleaned by a pro. My computer crashed during the cleaning and I lost everything on it during the fix. Be careful with that stuff.

Here's a site (add the www) that MIGHT give ya some info on virus removal.


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