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Title: Surprising!
Post by: Roadsnakes on January 18, 2018, 04:17:00 PM
I had a buddy that moved to Arizona about 25 years ago. He hated it after about 5 , but stuck it out for the rest. About two years ago he moved back to Wisconsin.
Then, last week I got a E Mail from him telling me he`ll be moving to IOWA in a couple of months to be close to his Grand Kids.
I had recently purchased a WING - Swift Wing from a guy in IOWA. I mentioned that to him, and he said , "I didn`t know you liked archery"?
Then he went on to tell me that when he was a kid his Dad was president of the West Allis Bowmen, and he knew Fred Bear!   :eek:  

In fact, when he was a kid, Fred Bear actually gave him one of his new bows personally!   :eek:
He said, after he got married, he sold that bow for $25 bucks!   :knothead:
He also met Larry Whiffen when he was younger too, because his Dad was friends with him!
Title: Re: Surprising!
Post by: Greg Szalewski on January 19, 2018, 01:27:00 PM
Nice story. Sounds like you guys need to get together and do some Iowa of course.
Title: Re: Surprising!
Post by: Roadsnakes on January 24, 2018, 04:31:00 PM
He contacted me, and said he`s moving from Wisconsin to Iowa in a couple of months.

 But, he said he`d like to get together and shoot a few arrows before he goes.

He said he hasn`t held a bow in almost 50 years!

As soon as the weather warms up , I`ll give him a call !