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tenn hog hunting


looking for someone to hog hunt with in tenn my daughter live in fort cambell never have hog hunted but would sure like to try could some one give me info on what licence or tags i would need and what the seasons are thanks

Hey Schnitz;
I work at Fort Campbell.  There is no hog hunting in the immediate area.  There are hogs on Fort Campbell but are killed by the animal control folks and are not that plentiful.  The closest hog hunting I know of is in east TN about 4-5 hours away.  Big South Fork and farther east.  I have not had much luck over that way.  There are some TN hog hunting preserves that you can find by searching on-line that are about 3 hours away from Fort Campbell(If you pay my $600 for the weekend I will be more than happy to go with you  :) .  I have trouble figuring out when the hog season is in TN (Hunting requlation impaired) so I will let somebody else field that question.  Next weekend their is a gathering in Wappapello, Missouri that is about 4 hours away from Fort Campbell, no licenses needed (hogs are considered vermin).  My two-cents.

thanks bob

ditto on what Bob said, I wish there were some hogs around here!

There are feral hogs in various parts of TN - mainly in East TN.  Hunting them is very difficult at best.  You can hunt feral hogs year round on private property.

Like Bob said, there are several shooting preserves in TN.  A lot of them are in the Jamestown/Clarkrange area.  These are fenced operations.  If you go, you will kill a hog.


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