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Rabit Shoot on Saturday

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Hey guys:

Anybody know what the terrain is going to be like at the rabit shoot.  We'll we be wading through briar thickets and such?  I have an 8 year old boy that I might bring, but I want it to be a good experience (he is deathly afraid of briar bushes).

The Singing Bowyer:

The area I have seen the most rabbits is at the edges of large meadows that the state burned out and created a couple of years ago. Should be leisurely walking/hunting for the most part. We can always send my buddy Hacksaw in to the thickets and brushpiles..... He didn't get that nickname for nothing!

Who is going to the rabbit hunt tomorrow? I will be there rain or shine, see you

How did the Rabbit hunt go? I had to work this weekend and couldn't make.

The Singing Bowyer:

You missed a good time. Shoot me an email at,  and I will send you some pics.


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