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new club middle Tenn


I heard that is a new club here in middle Tenn And yall are good to have a get together in Columbia .Some one let me know Joe 931-993-4960

Hey Joe, I sent Carl Hammons an email about it and he said you might go to the rabbit hunt. The new club if known as the Tn. Trad. Archery Assoc.
The guy putting together the charter members of the club is Jim Bowman AKA Camocowboy on tradgang and the guy putting on the rabbit hunt is Chad Sladge AKA Singingbowyer on tradgang.
I will find the website for the TTAS, Pappy from the bowhunting club in Clarksville is running it.
I will send you the info in your email.

 Merry Christmas, Doug 'bow50' Arrington


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