Trad Gang Full Sponsorship

Being a Full Sponsor has the most benefits of any sponsor. Those benefits consist of many ways to promote your business and web site through lists, hyper links, Sponsor Classifieds, Sponsor recognition, and banner opportunities. Only Full Sponsors are allowed to purchase ad banners. Site statistics can be provided if need be. Full Sponsors can also have their business name as their public name, for the duration of their sponsorship.

As a Full Sponsor you will be featured on the Sponsors Links on the Main Forum home page, where a direct link to your site will be listed. You will also be included on the Drop Down menu of sponsors that appears on every forum of Trad Gang. The Drop Down menu makes it easy for members to access your web address from any forum through hyper linking. You will receive SPONSOR under your name that will be seen every time you post. You will be given access to the Sponsor's Classifieds to list sale items, promotional items, over stocked or discontinued, etc., as well as posting the same to the general classifieds. You will also be also be allowed to put your web address in your signature, and you also have access to the member classifieds.

Sponsors are encouraged to occasionally make a post about their product or service on the PowWow forum. This can occur once a month and can serve to notify the membership of a special sale, or a new offering, or anything to do with your business that may be of interest. This helps to keep your company noticed. Also, please feel free to post on any topic started by another member pertaining to your product(s). This will also help immensely with sales when other members see that you have posted on their thread.

The ANNUAL cost of being a Full Sponsor is $300

Sign up through Paid Subscriptions via PayPal by going to your Trad Gang profile and under the "Actions" tab, click on "Paid Subscriptions". Payment can be via PayPal cash or any major credit card. Payment is for one full year, from the time of payment.

Payment can be sent by check or M.O. to:

205 Victory Drive
Calhoun, GA 30701

Please make your check or money order payable to "TradGang" and please add a note that contains your full name and your email address so we can update your Trad Gang registration, and that your payment is for Contributing Membership.

As a Full Sponsor you will be able to purchase ad banners. We have various sizes and forums to choose from. Banner ads run for six months or a year and once you have acquired a banner you have first refusal at the end of the time period you purchased.

If you are interested, you may contact Mr. Terry Green at the email address below.

[email protected]

Thank you for your time and support - good hunting to you!

Trad Gang Admin