Current list of known classifieds scammers. Each of these persons has been proven to have not completed deals with Trad Gang members by failing to send products or money. Some use many other names in their quest to cheat you of your dollars and goods. Deal with them at your own risk. Be particularly careful with buyers and sellers residing in foreign countries.

Gary Gentry, Montana
Scott Garrett, Oklahoma (AKA "Joseph Garret" "Techieok" "Oktechie")
Ron Ziolkowski, New Jersey (AKA "Ron Butcher")
Rick Jones, Texas, (AKA "compound_convert")
        NOTE: this is NOT Rick Jones from Missouri, AKA "manitou1"
Ronald Ollis, Indiana (AKA "Ronal Ollis")
Pat Vroman, Portland, Michigan (AKA "Patvro")
Joel J. Darnell, Elsie, MI
Josh Rogers (AKA "summit")
        NOTE: this is NOT Josh Rogers from West Virginia. AKA "JRBows"
Rick Helton (AKA "salmonchaser", "bearhunter", "tradguy", "alaskabearhunter")
Dale Charles (AKA "Dalebow")
Jay Powell (AKA "Apple", "Pearl", "Crazywolfjay", "John Bartlett", "Jasper")
Doug Witcher
Steve Rattan (AKA "Steve71")
Wayne "Bear" Slaven (AKA "BOWHUNTBEAR")
Chris Hamilton
Drake Moulton (AKA "DR MOULTON")
Charlie Burt
Trevor Fielder (AKA "Deerdander", "Predator Man", "Tomsammy")
Scott McGall (AKA "Jason Brown", "vanislebowyer", "carver", "yewsage")

OF SPECIAL NOTE 1 - we have received a multitude of correspondence from Trad Gang members about Patrick Alaggio (aka "little_bear_archery", in Vermont) concerning his business ethics. Prudence may be required in dealing with this person. We are not completely sure about him but we wish to at least alert our membership to be careful. Use your own discretionary common sense.

OF SPECIAL NOTE 2 - Joe Sledge (aka "sledge", Texas/Colorado) was a Trad Gang member back in 2012 who was banned for an argumentative condescending attitude that he refused to correct. Outside of Trad Gang, he recently made a bow trade with a Trad Gang member in good standing. Joe neglected to inform the Trad Gang member that there was a known limb ding on the bow that he (Joe) was trading. The Trad Gang member sent Joe a like-new longbow which Joe accepted. The limb ding in Joe's bow was not initially apparent to the Trad Gang member, but on close inspection before shooting it a week later, there it was. Joe's argumentative attitude rose to the occasion and using choice expletives he refused to reverse the trade, stating that "what hunting bow doesn't have a ding?", and he refused to return the Trad Gang member's bow, nor accept his bow back. You be the judge as to whether or not you might wish to buy/sell/trade with Mr. Sledge.

(updated 10-6-2014)