Digitial IAM

contains all of the following ...

All 22 issues of "Instinctive Archer Magazine"
(both HTML and PDF versions)

All 7 issues of "Longbows & Recurves" magazine
(both HTML and PDF versions)

L.E. Stemmler's 1953 "The Essentials of Archery"
(both HTML and PDF versions)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The White Company"
(PDF version only)

Maurice Thompson's famous "The Witchery of Archery"
(PDF version only).

Instinctive Archer Magazine was offered from 1996 thru 2001 - 22 issues in total. Once it went out of circulation, I decided that it was just too good a traditional archery/bowhunting periodical to let fade away (literally!) as time took its toll on the paper. So, I began the long and tedious process of graphically digitizing my complete set (in near mint condition) and putting the results on digital media, to preserve and keep them in a handy format. I started off doing this for me, but others began expressing interest as well.

Every page - ads and all, from cover to cover - are included. Each page is a large, clear image, at least 800 pixels wide. Magazine moire descreening is included, to yield the sharpest of images. I've done this before with other magazines, and the only downside is that it's VERY labor intensive and takes a whole buncha time. There were over 2000 image scans and edits, besides the HTML and PDF coding.

Finally, after over 6 months, the IAM media coding was completed and a distribution agreement created with the IAM Owner/Editor, Rik Hinton. The IAM media has been "field tested" with different computing devices and it's ready to use.

The IAM HTML media will work with any computing Internet browser - it operates offline, you do not need to be connected to the Internet for it to function.

The IAM PDF media will work with any PDF file reader.

IAM contains 2.4 gigs of data
that uses any HTML browser or a PDF reader.

Purchase IAM digital download media for $20/USD world wide.

The complete IAM along with L&R and other archery media is available as a multi-part online download. IAM is accessible as both browser viewed HTML files or as stand-alone PDF files. There are four compressed files to download ...

539,193,680 iam-html.zip
856,973,180 iam-pdf1.zip
975,597,172 iam-pdf2.zip
17,983,296 iam-pdf3.zip

These compressed files will require an unzip application to uncompress them, an Internet browser to view the HTML files, and a PDF reader to view the PDF files. Most computing devices already have an Internet browser, file uncompress software, and PDF reader software. If not, all three applications are available for free, online. Create a directory (folder) on your computer and download all four files to that folder. Uncompress each .zip file (to that folder). The files are password protected, purchasing gets the password. View the README.TXT file or just click on the index.html to open your browser and view the IAM issues.

TO ORDER - Email Rob - rfd@rfd.cc

Preview the IAM HTML media!

You can preview the IAM HTML by clicking HERE. Only the Spring 1996 first issue can be viewed, all other issues will fail. You can view the Cover Index page and the Contents Index page to see the covers and article index for all issues.

Please note that this preview is accessed via the Internet and is graphically intensive - the IAM media is *much* faster since you will viewing it directly from your computing device and not online!