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Author Topic: 4.5" Filet for fishing small mountain streams/creeks in the backcountry  (Read 311 times)

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The first ever Polk Knives Signature Small Filet knife...

This one is in 0.035” thick AEBL steel. It features my first hand rubbed full polish on the steel and a tapered tang down to 0.010” just because I like tapered tangs. The scales are FatCarbon Mars Valley carbon fiber over dual liners with the handle fronts finished out flush to the front of the integral guard and sharpening notch. The inside liner is a tri-lam of brick red/white/brick red and the second liner is thin grey. They match the scales really well. This one was assembled with G-Flex epoxy and carbon fiber hardware. This has been a really fun one to build and is already spoken for. It’ll get an equally bold custom leather sheath when I’m done.

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That looks awesome! I’d bet it’d also be great for breaking down a deer.
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