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« on: July 07, 2015, 03:52:00 PM »
I am planing a trip for a week or two around Christmas. I will bring my bow. Are there and ranges that are open to the publc? Is there any game legal at that time and if so what does a Hunting license cost for out of staters?
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Re: Vacation
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If you are going to Oahu, ( I cannot speak for other islands) there are a couple ranges open to the public, Kapolei bushwackers is open on weekends only and it is my favorite, and Waipio is open everyday as far as I know.  There is pig hunting at that time. I am not sure about goats. Out of state license is 100 bucks I believe. BUT you have to have a hunter ed card on your person from your state or you cant get it, and it must be bought at the DLNR office in Honolulu (for Oahu anyway.)  Hope that helps.

Check this out for a bit more specific idea:  This is the most recently updated version I believe.
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