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Hi Everybody!
« on: August 08, 2013, 09:20:00 AM »
Just in the way of introduction:  My name is Abe Henderson and I recently moved with my wife and five kiddos to Ephrata, WA from Spokane.  I have two boys, soon-to-be ten and soon-to-be eight, that are starting to get more interested in archery as well as a little three-year-old girl with blonde curls and blue eyes that would love a 'pink bow.'  

For the last five years I've been guiding in Alaska spring and fall, mostly for coastal brown bears on Kodiak, AK Peninsula and SE AK.  However, I've recently given up that crazy schedule for a real job that keeps dad close to home all year.  We had twins last fall that have been an effective reality check!

Malachi, my oldest son, passed his hunter safety last summer and shot a turkey and a doe last fall during his first hunting season.  He told me this year he wants to go bear hunting and waterfowl hunting as well.  His younger brother is itching to join as well.

I've been interested in trad bowhunting since high school when I made my first selfbow.  However, its been an on again, off again kind of thing as our family has grown.  I shot my first game with a longbow a few years back when I killed a whitetail doe during the late season at twelve yards on the ground.  

My biggest frustration is inconsistency in accuracy that has left me discouraged at times.  I would love to find a good coach to help my boys and I start with good fundamentals that we can build on and make archery just plain fun.

The boys are getting new bows for their birthdays this year.  I am looking for arrows for them to shoot if anybody has any laying around gathering dust.  If they are anything like me when I was a kid they are gonna need a bunch once they start breaking/losing them.  I am also interested in good, inexpensive target ideas, and/or used 3D targets.

Thanks all!

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Re: Hi Everybody!
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 02:33:00 PM »
Abe, I just moved to Spokane last year and started shooting my trad bow this summer for the first time since getting married and having a 2 year old.

Your best bet for equipment is going to one of the traditional 3-D shoots. There will be used stuff galore and vendors that are very helpful with setup. I went to the one in Medical Lake two months ago adn the one in Packwood last month and had a blast at both.

As far as someone to coach you, just hope there is someone close to you that shoots a longbow or recurve and is decent. I am looking for someone to shoot/hunt with here in Spokane, too bad you moved to Ephrata!

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Re: Hi Everybody!
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2013, 03:19:00 PM »
Give Joel Turner a call 253-686-3623 He is a great coach and can help some over the phone. He will also travel to do classes. He has a 6yr old son that is a great shot so he can help with choosing a kids bow.

Good luck with your search, hope to see you at one of the many trad shoots. Make sure to go to the Moses Lake shoot in April. You will meet great folks and have a good time.


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