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Georgia Tradbow Hunting Club
« on: December 10, 2012, 10:00:00 AM »
We have a bow only club in Central Georgia and we are TRYING to move it slowly to a trad bow club. This is tough to say the least given to small pool of folks to draw from. Thought I would throw it out here to the Alabama folks to increase the exposure. The details:

Medium sized club with expectations to acquire more land each year. We want to keep it at around 80 acres per member.We are bordered by unhunted lands or other bow-only hunting clubs. It has been managed for two years as a bow only trophy club with a one buck limit but we are now going to a two buck limit. It has a good hog population. Hunting and access times are August 15-January 1 for the archery hunting only of deer, hogs, small game and predators. The cost will be around $1,200 and includes all food plots (14 of them). We have a very successful and active coyote control plan in place and have removed 30 in the last 13 months. The genetics are as good as anything I have ever hunted in the South and we have multiple P&Y class bucks on camera as well as several up and comers. The hogs are as big as tanks.
The locations is Central Georgia about 20 miles North of Macon and right near I-75 (exit 185).If you have interest and want more info please email me a I can forward proposed bylaws and lots of photos. Please don't post questions on here as I don't often visit this site.

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