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Author Topic: Easy method to check SD cards on your IPhone (or Droid)  (Read 990 times)

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Easy method to check SD cards on your IPhone (or Droid)
« on: May 04, 2016, 09:31:00 AM »
I was looking at some of the older posts here and saw one from last year about not having a way to check trailcam cards with your phone.

Its going to cost you about $30 (not including cost of trailcam, card,and phone...LOL), but it is super easy.

First, you'll need to spend your $30 on a Media Streamer unit (Walmart, Amazon, etc).  Here is what you are looking for:


Next, you will need to download the Media Streamer  App from the Apple App Store.  Just search for Media Streamer.  Here is the app's icon.


Charge the Media Streamer and turn it on.  Now search for the device as a WIFI source.  Choose it in the list and enter the default password.

Once your phone is hooked up to the streamer as its WIFI source, you can open the app and look through the contents of the SD card.  You can even download photos you want to your phone.  It also works perfectly fine with an IPad.

Hope this helps.
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