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Author Topic: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel  (Read 3005 times)

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Re: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel
« Reply #40 on: May 11, 2008, 08:06:00 AM »
Great idea. I too use to keep a journal but then got lazy also. But like Terry I take lots of pics now adays. It's so easy with digital. It's  definately not only trophy pics either. But for years I'd always would just file those pics away either actual pics or CD's and put them in a box. Every once in awhile I'd stumble on them and look through them. It was alot of fun and brought back tons of memories so I decided I needed to display those pics. So I got a BIG poster board frame and made a big collage till it was full and then hung in my bow shop.Actually turned out to three poster board frames. Man I can't tell ya how many times I look at those pics now and also when friends or family comes up they look at em. We also did it of family pics and they hang lots of places in the house. You can pick up some really nice large cheap frames with glass at those stores with the ugly pics that never sale. I admit you look kinda foolish walking out of the store with everyone wondering what the heck you see in that god awful picture! lol But I know in a little while it'll be transformed into a personal master piece.
  Now adays in the digital age at the end of every season I make a CD of all the pics but pick out the ones that have the most meaning to me and make a digital collage standard paper size and print it for say the season 07.

This thread reminds me though I need to go back to writing a journal though.
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Re: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel
« Reply #41 on: May 11, 2008, 08:20:00 AM »
I have never really been in to mounts, Yes I do think they are great looking.. I'm more on a Euro-mount person, but even then I not have any kind of mounts... I have been taking pic's but should be doing more of that & taking my MiniDVC out in to the woods when hunting/scouting well you get the picture.

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Re: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel
« Reply #42 on: May 11, 2008, 12:33:00 PM »
Gene,,I don't suppose you remember a man by the name of Ed Pitchkites do you? I'll bet you do! Ed is one of a kind and one of the old "legends" around here. Anyway,I clearly remember listening to cassette tapes of conversations you and Ed sent back & forth to each other. It's amazing to listen opinions about things back then and how they have changed over the years! There was one of them that you were talking about a "big smiley" faced hunter that was trying to make a name for himself in bowhunting. I don't suppose you remember who that was do you?

Barry,,you and Gene have always been an inspiration to bowhunting and this topic is yet another. I kept written journals for about 10yrs but then for some reason I stopped and started more picture taking instead. A combination of both of these and some recording sounds like a great idea. Thanks!
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Re: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel
« Reply #43 on: May 11, 2008, 12:42:00 PM »
I want to again clarify written journals are great, but recording yourself is a lot quicker and easier (I can talk faster than I can write or type). By recording yourself via tape recorder and/or DVD you can hear the excitement in your voice. Filming yourself is even better, as you can see how much you've changed, what equipment you were using then, etc. when viewing the tapes 25 years from now. I'd love to be able to sit down right now and watch recorded video footage of my dad, my son-in-law and friend Paul Schafer (who have all passed)talking about hunts we just shared together. Written journals of those hunts would be appreciated.. but live, taped recordings of those hunts would be way more outstanding. There's no way the written word could portray the expression a live recording will do. Thanks. BW

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Re: A Strong Suggestion from Barry Wensel
« Reply #44 on: May 11, 2008, 02:56:00 PM »
Great Idea
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