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Author Topic: Wagstaff Longbow trial to Alaska  (Read 1263 times)

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Wagstaff Longbow trial to Alaska
« on: June 09, 2017, 07:24:00 PM »
Hello everyone in Tradgang, I wanted to write a review on Wagstaff Archery Pendencia longbow. First, A little history: I've been shooting Traditionally since 2002 with a recurve Kodak Hunter 55# @ 28, Samick Sage 50#@28 and a Mohegan G2 35#@ 28 with most of my shooting done here in Alaska. I have also received my Bow Hunter certification for the state which is required to go bow hunting. I was very grateful to Connor Wagstaff for his patience and expertise in his craft. I wasn't sure which longbow to choose since I had never shot a longbow. His guidance in the matter was very helpful: he advised me to shoot a Pendencia longbow, given the experiences I had under my wing. He shipped me the Pendencia, it was beautifully crafted, with Sapelle limbs and autumn action riser; 45#@28" right handed 64" long; Ergonomic thumb pad; One decorative stripe; Angled overlay with black and white glass for added strength. During the bow trial, after shooting and texting for a month, I was convinced I wanted my personal own custom made bow from Connor Wagstaff. The reflex-deflect design is amazing, I felt more in control of this bow right off the bat. Shooting my 400 thru 500 total grain weight arrows, I was/still impressed with the velocity provided by this bow. I personally was very accurate with a grouping the size of a Reinhart apple target from 20 yards. Thank you Wagstaff for the experience and I look forward to my custom bow, and I will post pictures of my custom bow when it's complete. Thank you.

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Re: Wagstaff Longbow trial to Alaska
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 12:34:00 PM »
Would like to see pics and here more!   :archer2:

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