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Timderghost Black Pearl
« on: May 28, 2017, 04:19:00 PM »
I was so glad to hear Kent was back to building bows. Had a chance to shoot Kent's new Timberghost G3SS black pearl, his personal bow. Very nice of him to send it out but does not want to make a habit of it. Link to his thread showing bow is;f=1;t=154181#000000

Here is a copy of an excerpt from an email I sent to Kent regarding my first thoughts,

Started with a skinny 8190 with rubber whiskers at the quarters instead of thirds and dropped brace to 6 3/4. Fletched and bare shaft where basically going to the same hole, lucky not to bust a nock. Really like how it shot, sounded and felt. Quiet, smooth and steady on release. Limbs seem to be balanced well with no handshock. Took a bit to adjust to the higher impact due to the extra speed she has and the shelf being raised a bit with the spacer you put under the rug. After that she performed very well. Was grouping them nicely. Sight window is a little short for me(11" riser on this bow) but not to bad on such a short riser, just needed to cant a bit. The mass of the G10 riser is very nice, a cross between wood and metal riser in weight. Grip makes easy comfortable repeatable placement with the thumb groove. I think the stipple is nice without to much friction. Limb stability seemed exceptionally good, especially considering those hooks. Definitely has the super curve draw with early weight and softening near the back end of draw. The speed was noticeably quicker than my current setups, chrono said 10 fps faster with same arrow and weight on one of my bows. That's a bunch and the bow I compared it to is no slouch.

I think Kent has a winner here. The draw cycle is very different from an ASL but the performance gain is huge imo. Also the bow was not twitchy, that is not sensitive to minor form flaws. I feel that is due to the forward handle and the very stable limbs both torsionally and vertically. Don't need another bow but starting to save up for one of these fantastic bows.

Thanks again Kent and good luck with a fantastic design.
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