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Author Topic: Bob Lee Elite Signature Takedown Recurve  (Read 2358 times)

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Bob Lee Elite Signature Takedown Recurve
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:41:00 PM »
Having shot traditional bows for over 45 years now, I've owned and sold a LOT of them, from production to expensive customs.  One bow I kept for 20 years was a Bob Lee takedown.  I only recently begrudgingly sold it because I've had to drop my bow weight from the mid-60's down into the mid-50's due to aging elbows. :-)

Over the "Black Friday" weekend, I saw on this forum that Bob Lee had a sale going on.  I looked over his stock bows and liked a 64" Elite Signature Takedown I saw.  With the discounts and free shipping it was almost 30% off and down to a price I thought was pretty darned reasonable for a "semi" custom bow.

Here's the pics from the Bob Lee Website:

   Pics of this Bob Lee Bow  

The handle is Bubinga (African Rosewood) with a Maple Burl Overlay.  The limbs are maple with clear glass over Maple Burl veneers.  The finish is a very nice satin with no shine.  Overall, the workmanship is very good.  I think the bow tips could be sculpted down a tad more, but they aren't "chunky" either.

Bow weight is 51# at 28".  I scaled it at 57# at my 30 1/2" draw giving the bow an increase in weight of just 2.4# per inch over 28".  Drawing this bow is as smooth as silk.  Of course, the 64" length helps this with my longer draw.

This bow has their standard grip (they also offer a low and high) which fills the palm and provides good support.  I like a grip like this, although I would prefer the throat to be a little bit narrower, though I know that's asking a lot in a wood grip.  The width of the throat is just under 1 1/4", so it's not "thick" by any means.  Overall, the grip is very comfortable and provides for positive control of the bow and I did not feel as though I could easily torque the grip.

I shot 5 arrows through the chronograph, once with 125 gr points and once with 200 gr points.  The arrows are Carbon Express Heritage 250's @ 31" fletched with 4 - 4" parabolic feathers helical.

With a total arrow weight of 510 grs (8.95 grs per pound) with the 125 gr points I got the following speeds: 191.3, 190.5, 192.6, 189.5, 192.6 for a mean of 191.3 FPS.  Just for comparison, my Black Wolf with Carbon limbs in the same weight averaged 204.1, or 12.8 fps faster, which I think would be expected with carbon over glass.

With a total arrow weight of 585 grains (10.26 grs per pound)with the 200 gr point I got the following speeds: 181.3, 182.1, 180.9, 181.6, 181.8 for a mean of 181.5 FPS.

Shooting this bow was easy.  I shot the above mentioned carbon 250's, I shot 70-75# spined Surewood tapered shafts, and I shot 2219 Easton Aluminums and they all flew very well, which tells me this bow is forgiving to what it can shoot.  Setup was a breeze.  The bow was very quiet.

I decided the bow needed to get into the woods for a stump shoot.  Here's a few photos of it in the field:





The field test was a success as well with many grass clumps and stumps in the game bag at the end of the afternoon!      :D  

The bow came with the wool puff ball silencers installed on the D97 string.  Two nock sets were included, but not installed (per my request).  A bow stringer, instructional literature and DVD, T-Shirt and Decal were also included.

I added the Great Northern Quick Mount bow quiver that I bought from Terry at the Footed Shaft.  What a NICE quiver that is for 3-piece takedowns!       :thumbsup:      

   Great Northern Quick Mount Quiver  

Overall, at the price I paid, I think this is a very good bow.  It looks great, has high quality, fits me well, and has pretty fair speed, though not "record class."  It is stable and very forgiving...which is a good tradeoff for a little less speed in the long run.  While no single bow I own gets all the attention, I can easily see myself shooting this one for a long, long time to come.
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Re: Bob Lee Elite Signature Takedown Recurve
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 06:24:00 PM »
Thank you for the the pictures..
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Re: Bob Lee Elite Signature Takedown Recurve
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2016, 08:41:00 PM »
Love those bows just bought one in August. Shoots great.thanks for the review

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Re: Bob Lee Elite Signature Takedown Recurve
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2018, 11:01:58 AM »
I have three of their takedowns and additional set of limbs for one of them.  They are really nice bows and I have fallen in love with them over the years.  I plan on ordering another set of limbs after this hunting season. :archer2:

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