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PhaZe Scent Control by Illusion Systems
« on: October 13, 2019, 02:46:53 PM »
 For me, it's been a timeless quest to find a system that consistently works until now. I started using this PhaZe Scent Control system this year and I have to admit, I am truly impressed. I have had several deer come from directly down wind without being singled out. I have had both, bucks and does directly down wind of me and nothing. Not one negative reaction.
 The Kit comes with laundry soap, body wash, shampoo w/conditioner, foam scent eliminator and body lotion for dry skin. Now I don't smoke, I am a scent control nut and wash everything from towels to wash clothes in scent control laundry soap.
 There are a few cons, one is the price $50.00 plus shipping, there is no "field spray" and if you hunt like me, you will use this product almost daily and with that, it will definitely dry out your skin so use the lotion. Its not a greasy lotion.
 I give it 5 stars because it actually works but do wish it was a little cheaper and came with field spray.
Thanks for reading,,,,JMG
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