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The Review
« on: May 07, 2016, 03:12:00 AM »
About six months ago I got the chance to get one of my dream bows.... The bear Montana but it was not meant to be. The one I ordered was the last one and it had a defect......dang..... I was set on a bear longbow so I sprung for a Patriot, which I got new for less than the price of a Montana!

The patriot was a great bow and 65lbs no less.  I have as I have said many times always been a recurve guy never really into longbows but I really wanted to give one a shot, and after shooting a montana at a bow shop I was convinced a longbow was for me.  Again though it was not meant to be the patriot had a flaw in it and bear came through.  Many of you have commented and seen other threads detailing the wonderful experience I had with bear customer service.  It should be noted yet again that there are fine people making fine bows at bear archery.  A company I feel is really at the heart of trad archery.  

Bear ended up replacing the patriot with a 45lbs Au Sable at my request.   I would have been happy with another patriot, but I mentioned to JR that I was really intrigued by the Au Sable but there wasn't one in stock or on sale when I was making my purchase.  

A couple of things..... In my adult life I have never had a light draw weight bow.   From when I was shooting with wheels and then my grand re-entrance to trad has all been with heavier weight bows.  So finally this bow has come in and I have shot it enough to give it a shake of a review...... Yes I am writing this review in the middle of the night..... I am on night shift every two weeks, but I digress.  I get the Au Sable and examen it, first off the bow is capital B e a u t i f u l.  The bubinga is a great choice for the riser.  The limbs are a center  of maple surrounded by two layers of bamboo.  After shooting this bow, I can say it has made a believer out of me concerning bamboo.  I want bamboo in the limb of every bow from here on out... It is smooth drawing and springy fast.

My 45lbs bow shoots the same arrow as my 55lbs grizzly... The grizzly is faster at 55lbs but the cedar arrows fly perfectly out of the Au Sable none the less.  

Let us talk about brace height a minute.  I did some experimenting and the Au Sable says 6.5 to 7.5... I have talked to some good people about this and done some shooting with it.  7.6 just above the max recommended is the sweet spot.  I have heard and read from a lot of people that have this bow that just above the max brace height is the perfect place. Dunno why just is.  

With the wood arrows and even some light carbons I have lying around the house it is quiet just a dull thud when the arrow leaves the bow... I thought my grizzly was quiet, but this takes the cake as it were.  As previously mentioned the bow is smooth... I am not afraid to admit I was anti light bow before, but I wanted to take a chance on something below 50lbs.. I am surprised, how fast, how pleasurable to shoot 45lbs is... I mean I can shoot 55lbs all day long without tiring, but 45lbs its like I don't have to try to pull it back.... Just wonderful and that really lets me concentrate on form..  

The Au Sable has a lot of reflex and I would consider it a performance bow, with that said it is not as forgiving of a bad release as the Montana at the shop I shot.... Just isn't, but if I do my part..... WOW.  

Yes this bow is as much or more than some customs, but I love it and thats all I can say... Also as mention above I got it for less than the price of a Montana.

This bow has shown me a couple things, which have helped me grow as an archer..... Low draw weight does not mean low performance... Light tackle is awesome... Bear makes a great longbow..... I think I may be a longbow guy now.... All the next bows I have been looking at getting are longbows not recurves... I have been tempted by the Katani's in the classifieds, toelke super D, and the mad dog prarie predator...... DROOL.  All I wanted to say before I ended up typing this huge thing is the Au Sable is fantastic,

Well sorry no pics but I have other thread that have pics of it...
P.S. The Au Sable is cut on center with perhaps the largest sight window I have seen on a bow.  I also changed the leather shoot off the shelf style rest to a bear hear rest with side plate and I think it is a big improvement.
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Re: The Review
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 09:18:00 AM »
A buddy of mine has one and it shoots great for him. Quiet too.
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