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Maddog Prairie Predators
« on: January 30, 2016, 10:23:00 AM »
We've had these bows a couple months now, and have shot them quite a bit. Mike made 3 bows.... one for me, and one each for my boys. (17,and 25 yrs old). All the boys have ever really known, is trad bows. Let me say we are all 3 extremely pleased with our bows, although each one of us believes  his own bow is the best. (really mine is the best     :biglaugh:   ). Seriously, these bows are amazing shooters. The only drawback I can find with them, is im getting very tired of replacing arrow nocks from busting so many at the target. I had a "robin hood" arrow within a few days. Never shot that tight with my other bows, not that consistently anyway. Maddogs are incredible bows imho. Its no surprise to hear, that Mike is an incredible person. He went WAY beyond what id of imagined, just to give us what we wanted. 1st class human being dont quite say enough for Mike....





17 yards

boys bows


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