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Author Topic: Gaia Gps mobile phone app  (Read 987 times)

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Gaia Gps mobile phone app
« on: August 26, 2015, 01:52:00 PM »
I purchased this app not too long ago after doing a lot of reading. It is not cheap as far as iPhone apps go but, is one of the best bargain on the market. At 20 bucks this app will convert your phone (when needed) to a gps unit. It literally has thousand do different maps to choose from particularly usgs maps. It has a function to track your movement across maps, mark way points, upload pictures, and print hard copy versions of maps for areas you are using. Just download the map you want before heading out. Any iPhone 4 + or equivalent android has a built in gps so you do not need cellular service to use this app. Now those will not replace a map and compass but, it sure is handy for marking ambush points, stand sites, rub lines ect, and then finding them again in the dark. Check it out if you have been considering a gps unit as this will do everything you need + some with the smart phone you already have for much cheaper! The only draw back is that it does drain battery life so you need to run air plane mode shut down other apps ect and if you are on a multi day trip you'll have to pack in an external charger. Still you can get plenty of excellent light weight chargers for about 25-40 bucks that will charge your phone several times. Naturally though if you do use this app remember always back it up with a map and compass.


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Re: Gaia Gps mobile phone app
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2018, 11:05:31 PM »
I've been using this app for about 10 months and been very pleased with it.  My Garmin GPS's mostly ride in the pack or stay a home now.  I have a
Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.  The main reason I like it is the background topomap is as clear and sharp as that on my computer, w and/or a 2400 scale topo map whereas on the
Garmin units the topomaps were fuzzy, hard to read (at least for my Garmin topo chips) and very small.  The program is a memory hog as mentioned above-
I get about 4-5 hours before the battery is down.  Here are two tips for use, probably not needed for more savy electronic users-
1. When making waypoints, pause the route making portion of use.  Otherwise, when you delete the route the waypoints will also delete;
2. When heading to the field where there is no cell coverage, stop when there is coverage and zoom in on the topo background where you
will be going.  Leave the app on, and when you get there you will have the topo background you need.

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