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New Stikbow Came Today
« on: June 10, 2015, 02:07:00 PM »
We just received our new Stikbow from Rich Emery. It draws 40# @ 28" and is around 60" long. It is a fine example of great craftsmanship at a fantastic price. My daughter fell in love with it the moment she had it in her hands (truth be told, she was loving it through the pictures Rich sent long before she touched it). What struck me was just how quiet this bow is before adding any type of string silencer.
The entire process was outstanding. Rich kept in contact and sent pictures throughout the entire process. You just don't see that kind of customer service very often. This bow is every bit as good as the bows I have that Don Dow made. You can tell that Rich is continuing on in the same tradition of quality and relationship.
If you ever want a custom made longbow, you need to check Rich out. He's got a page on Facebook.
Thanks for a great job, Rich!

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