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Morrison ILF
« on: February 01, 2015, 10:29:00 PM »
After receiving my bow from Tom(knapper) I was on the phone and pc with him picking his brain on how a ILF bow worked.It's a 19" Leadwood riser,his 49# medium limbs made by Border. I have to say TY Tom for ALL your help. I put it together snugged down the limb bolts, backed them out until I hit 47# at 29", top one got an xtra 1/4 turn out and the limbs were set. The knocking point was set 3/8 and out to the driveway I went. Call it luck but I stripped the feathers from a GT 3555 cut 30" w/225 up front (535 total)and that was from one of my other bows and was the ticket!!! At 25 yds the bare was hitting at 3 clock 2" out and the 2 fletched were in the 2" bull!! DONE. Bow was exceptionally quiet and dead in my hands!! Couldn't be more happy! My first ILF and definitely not my last.

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