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Author Topic: omp mountaineer 2.0 review  (Read 374 times)

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omp mountaineer 2.0 review
« on: November 02, 2014, 10:36:00 AM »
hello all, since i got my martin jaguar in 45# i wanted to upgrade to 50# limbs. the cost of martin 50# limbs is over $100.00 plus, so i decided to just get another complete bow. i was going to get another jaguar but that seems boring so i did a lot of research and settled on the omp mountaineer 2.0, being 62" i felt he may be a little smoother on the draw. it arrived the other day.nice package, it comes with 2 sets of limb bolts[one thumb screw type and one Allen wrench type]also comes with 2 strings both Dacron[one endless loop and one very nice Flemish twist] i set the brace height at 7 1/2" and the nock point at 1/2" above center.i installed the cheap arrow rest that came with the martin. i shot goldtip traditional 15/35 and 35/55 and easton legacys 2016,at 20 and 25 yards, all shots from all arrows stayed in a 8" pie plate. i must give the edge to the 35/55 for arrow flight, all and all not a bad bow. rich pyle

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