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Dryad Windtalker
« on: December 04, 2010, 04:22:00 PM »
so here we go, i know this product has been   :bigsmyl:
no idea how fast the arrows are going, but they are moving quick, and they hit hard. i'm probably going to put it on a chronograph tomorrow and figure out just how many ft-lbs she's putting on target.  

i'm very pleased with how the bow shoots. it flings a heavy arrow very hard and is dead in the hand and silent.

my only complaint is that it came 10# over weight, which i now have to work up to shooting comfortably, but i'm excited to get there as i'm sure this bow will be a great pig sticker when i find a place that allows archery hunting over here. -Germans consider archery inhumane and made it illegal to hunt with, so i gotta find a place to hunt in a nearby country.

thanks again Dryad!
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