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muddy outdoors Hunter Pro stand
« on: November 15, 2009, 05:07:00 AM »
Hello all, well here is my review of a tree stand from a leap of faith.  First let me say that I bought this stand as already said a leap of faith.  Searched and didn't see that much for reviews or info out there.  The team from "Heartland hunters" use them.  The web site Muddy outdoors, has good information on it and is 100% accurate.  I ordered my stand online, and payed to have the 2nd day shippment, because the rut was coming and a stand stolen needed it.  I Got it on the 2nd day, in a nice box, opened it up and took out the stand and safety belt.  The stand look's much heavier than it really is 10 pounds, and is already put together except for the support bracket and seat added.  The instructions go over well how to ensure nuts tightened and not to loose to assist in hanging stand.  Well, the next morning took stand out and hunted with it.  As instruction said, unfold stand, loop the ratchet strap on (they don't have hook's, so real quiet.) pull slack out, fold stand up, and ratchet tight.  The stand does not flop open as some other models do.  Then loop the support cam buckle tighten.  Unfold the stand, which is nice because instead of classic post on the platform the stand has aggessive teeth.  Then look at stand and if need leveled, pull knob halfway out and level stand (ensure you hear the click of knob seating home).  I climbed in stand and was amazed of how rock solid it was, no shimmy, no warping movement, just rock solid!  The platform is nice because welded aluminum and not bars but curving support, gives you the reassurance of solid footing, and is totally comfy and sweak from from my LL Beans.  The Seat is a 3 inch foam water proof seat.  The seat platform is adjustable as on the web site shows.  I have not had to adjust is much, but the seat is comfortable and have sat in it all day few days in row.  To me this is the best stand I have used in long, long time and well worth the money for a stand to last a lifetime and a go to stand for packing in and out of public land.  I only have two minor issues with stand both was a quick fix.  ONe the seat comes only with velcro and didn't seem to sit solid to me, so I used Loc tite double sided tape, and velcro stopped the movement and made it more solid.  The second was the back packing straps, took them off and used my old straps from my Marine Corps A.L.I.C.E. pack.  Two thumbs up for Muddy outdoors, "Remember when in doubt, get Muddy!"

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