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Dwight Schuh mega pack
« on: November 16, 2007, 04:39:00 PM »
Don't know if anyone else has done a review of this pack, but here's mine.

First, I've backpacked, climbed, and bummed just about everywhere, from the Karakorams to Denali, pacific northwest, sierras, done the Pacific Crest 2x, and have guided fishing parties in the sierras, so I'm no stranger to packs!

Liked the frame setup, which will bend with you. Liked the detachable bags and overall construction.  this pack will work for your weekend and 3-day trips well, but is limited on overall space for longer trips.

Didn't care for the organizer-don't need most of it, and also didn't care for the rigid pocket on the side.  I fear something might fall out!  Also had difficulty with the zipper covers-a little tight, and the pockets themselves could be a little bigger.  The upper bag needs a sleeve to seal the contents inside and to extent the collar a little for increased loads.  For a week's worth of packing, you'll need to strap an additional bag onto the top.  I also wish it had a "wand pocket" on one side, (found on most mountaineering packs) so you could carry additional arrows.  the bite valve on the bladder leaked constantly-I replaced it.  The bladder needs to be able to be located for either right or left-hand shooters.  Currently, it's possible for it to be struck by the string for righties.  the bag could benefit from some lash points on the top pocket's exterior.

Would I buy it again (got mine from Cabela's)?  Yes!  you may need to fiddle with it a little, but it will work for you.  Toss the mesh bag on the bottom and plan on lashing a larger stuff sack to the spot.  The pack was comfortable with about 25lbs of gear/food/water on board, did not overheat in the 90 degree weather in the Siskiyous of northern California in August.  It carries 5,600 ci, but you'll add more by adding another stuff sack lashed to the topand bottom.  I'm sure there are better packs on the market, but you'll spend twice as much for one!
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