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Lone Wolf Assault
« on: April 14, 2006, 01:20:00 PM »
Just thought I would pass on a favorable account on the Lone Wolf’s new Assault treestand. I like to “run and gun” so to speak. I have multiple treestand locations cleared out and trimmed before the season starts and bounce around depending on sign, wind etc. While the season is in I also scout and keep tabs on other areas, crop fields, oak tree etc. I make a lot of tracks so I carry my stand around ALOT.

Depending on the laws of the area I am hunting, if I have to use a climbing stand I have come to really like the LW hand climber BUT I would MUCH rather use my Simmons Woodpecker drill and Loc on Limit. I have used that system for a long time and it has proven itself to me many times. The Limit is a good stand but the new Assault treestand from Lone Wolf has some improvements that are note worthy. I guess the biggest one is the LW uses a “versa button” and belt system that can be attached and put on depending on what side of the tree you use. The Limit has the belt attached to the stand and it was a pain to be on the wrong side of the tree at “dark thirty” trying to keep that big buckle from hitting the hollow aluminum stand. I keep the LW belt in my bag that’s on my hip with my drill, bolts etc. Once I get up in the tree I can hook the stand up with the buckle right in front of me, really slick and very quiet. Plus the LW buckle is a lot more user friendly getting it hooked, and unhooked, its very smooth. The attachment of the LW belt is just 2 reinforced loops of the belt material that slide over the versa button…very strong but very quiet too.

An improvement in my eye is the fact that you don’t need to use the belt to hold the stand together for packing. I added moleskin/tape to all the contact points to keep “clanking” down. Packs easily and with its profile rides well between your shoulders for moving around through thick brush. The LW Alpha hang on was too big for me and was always getting hung up.

Although I can’t see me using it much you can adjust the tilt of the platform if you are in a tree that’s not very straight.  To me it’s even more comfortable to sit in because of the padded seat cushion and it has a rigged seat, not a “sling” type seat that most of the Loc on have. No more noise when you sit or stand as compared to the Limit that would often make noise when the material stretched tight against the seat tubing. So far the biggest thing I don’t like about the stand is the price!!!!!!

The Limit fit my style pretty well for a lot of years but this new Assault has taken it to a new level of comfort and ease of use. If you like highly portable treestands this is a good one to check out…..Come on September!
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Re: Lone Wolf Assault
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2006, 12:11:00 AM »
Thanks for the informative post.  I have been really keeping my eyes on the Windwalker.  I dislike my Alpha hang on because it is too big and bulky.  Perhaps I will invest in an Assault now.

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