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Wolfskin in the rain
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:31:00 AM »
I went out to central NY hunting with my father this last weekend.  The weatherman lied (when don't they) and it rained ALL day Saturday.  Not wanting to waste the little bit of hunting time I had, I was out for 7-8 hrs still hunting.  

I didn't have a rainsuit with me (did I mention the weatherman lied?) so I just hunted in my new Wolfskin jacket from Gray Wolf Woolens.  After all that time in the rain (ranged from sprinkles to downpour) my shoulders and forearms got a little DAMP after about hour 6 and weren't too much wetter by the end of the day!  What impressed me even more was that the jacket was DRY after only an hour or so after taking it off!

Also of note was that my crushable safari from NogginTops kept my head warm and DRY throughout it all!  I almost couldn't believe it!  It's worth all the harassment I get for wearing it from my wife and friends.  

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